img of the week #001

May 23, 2007


Img#001 - Demolition of the International Rogier Centre, Brussels, 2001-2002.


From now on and on a weekly basis, I will present you images with an architectural importance, with a particular meaning. Images that mean something to me, or images that show something I feel trhe need to share.


The first image is a series of photographs taken between june 2001 and june 2002. It shows the demolition of the Brussels International Rogiercentre, which has nowdays been replaced with a new skyscraper. The building had been built in 1958, the year of the World Exposition, and had become an icon for the city. Influenced by thoughts of Le Corbusier, it was Brussel’s first building of a comparable height that combined living, working and entertainment and therefore was a symbol of the brave urban and architectural Modernity of the fifties and sixties in the heart of the city.The demolition also reinforces the tendency of modern buildings to be replaced instead of to be (re-)appreciated. Going back in time, the Rogiercentre had replaced the old North station in neorenaissance style…


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