New blog…

July 10, 2007

This will be my blog for the following months.

I used to create and edit my blog with Apple’s iWeb but it seemed too slow to update my blog on a regular basis. I experienced it as a very nice program to create custom websites even though some people said that it’s childish and not easily customizable.

It’s true, especially the widgets and scripts made it quite a mess. And the scripts – like the StarIt rating system – let me down, slowing down my blog enormously. Sorry for that! But I must say that iWeb still is a very powerful yet easy to use web-design program.

Before starting up and customizing my blog entirely myself, I will be using this mediocre WordPress standard lay-out, bringing you more of the same; articles and photos on my city – Brussels, on architecture, design and photography. I will try to focus myself some more on these four items, but when I find some interesting or just some fun stuff, I’ll post it anyway.

Also, I moved all previous messages to this new blog, so feel free to add comments as you wish!

Enjoy and feel at home!


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