Metro Brussels 2020 (part 2)

July 13, 2007

“Metronet 2020″

A while ago I wrote about a political leaflet I recieved from the Brussels liberal party, openVLD in their battle for the federal elections. One of their aims was that, if they would become elected, they want to realize a new “underground revolution”. It seemed to me more as an attempt to bring up again the never realized wild plans from the 70s to create a dense network.

But in an article that apeared today in the Brussels newspaper “Brussel Deze Week” chances towards an extension are reinforced. The party (openVLD) would like to realize 52 kilometer of new subway lines. An investment that would cost 3 billion euros! Entitled Minister of Public Works, Pascal Smet is not very keen on realizing these plans, as he finds the tramway a better alternative to the subway system.

It’s all a case of money, but chances are high that the subway traffic will be expanded in the following decade(s). Especially the new development alongside the canal (Thurn & Taxis) will probably be desserved by a new metro line…

Below, I’ve add the original plans of the MIVB (society of public transports Brussels) to establish an extensive metro network in Brussels. As you can see on this map, 8 lines would cross the city in the year 2000.

metronet 2000 (MIVB)


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