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Royal Crown Hotel Brussels: “looknzoom”

August 19, 2007

Royal Crowne Hotel - Room

“Shhhhh….. Can you keep a secret?”

The title of their campaign makes me believe my article won’t be very propriate. But since it concerns the make-over of the Brussels Royal Crown Hotel, I might harm that supposition.

The hotel, situated in the Koningsstraat/Rue Royale in the city centre of Brussels, right next to the Botanical Gardens, had been subject of renovation for the last few months, if not a lot longer now. The exterior walls were dressed in a sleek flower-print which gave the pale wall a fresh touch. And now, the hotel reveals its inside project, for which this stylish outside decoration seemed a foretoken.

Within the next few weeks, the traditional seventies interior will give place to a brand new, bright, and modern inside. The lobby and reception have already been transformed into an attractive, bright space. But these days, no more than 30 artists are painting gigantic 13.5sqm wall paintings on the walls of each of the 307 rooms. The artists are students, graduates and postgraduates from the ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) member institutions. In a cooperation between the league and the hotel, they mounted a project, called “Bloom!”, in which each room can be painted and decorated by a different (student) artist. Students from over 30 countries will be put up and supported in a logistic and in a creative way. Registrations on their website are still open, so it seems to me that the process of renovation will last some more weeks; some hundred walls are painted for now.

Fot those out there who’d like to visit our capital; the only way to see the rooms for yourself is to book a night at the Royal Crown Hotel, which name will be subject of change later on this year. A website with pictures of the rooms will be available soon, for those who’d prefer a hostel. In the meanwhile they’ve put up a teaser website at

sources: Knack Weekend/Design News, Royal Crown Hotel and looknzoom.

(This post is written by Francisvdb, and cross-posted on Behive – a webmagazine on Belgian Culture)


A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind!

August 12, 2007



I’m awake for the last 29 hours now, and I’ve got a deadline within 22 hours. That means I can afford myself a 15 minute break (I don’t count coffee breaks for real breaks, but when you read the article a little lower on this page, you’ll understand why!)

Where’s the deadline for? Well, my master thesis in architecture. I’ll show you some results in a few days. I only wanted to share these two pictures with you with an orange-blue wink towards this messy desk. I’ll clean it up soon! 🙂

And now, back to work!


My PersonalDNA

August 8, 2007

Following to the newest blog-craze, I took myself some 10 minutes to answer these annoying questions about myself and my behaviour. The result was one fine piece of barcode, very similar to the logo of the 2007 federal elections here in Belgium.

Nevertheless, I am said to be a “benevolent creator”. I can agree with that, but I had preferred a “creative benevolent”, though… Anyway, my studies in architecture perhaps shaped me into the person I am now, or maybe the shape that I was in, made me choose for architecture? I’m getting too filosophical, ain’t I? Maybe I should have been a “creative thinker”?

One thing is for sure : I cannot see any color of my preference in this DNA-stamp, and am not willing to buy any geek t-shirt as if…

Benevolent Creator

Right below yet another weird table: my glossary of traits. It says I’m quite confident and open, but hey, more masculine then feminine?? I also doubt about the authority. If I would have as less authority as mentioned, then I’ve chosen the wrong studies…

Anyway, you just got to know me a little better…

my glossary of traits


Ontdek je plekje

August 7, 2007

PlekjeThis weekend was a good time for some pictures of unknown places. Everyone went to Brussels Beach, so I didn’t find anyone here. Where in Brussels did I take this picture?Also appeared on: Trackback Address 


My 10 favourite Brussels restaurants

August 6, 2007

my 10 favourite Brussels restaurants

Visiting Belgium only for its nice cuisine is an excuse that’s good enough to me. Especially in Brussels, I would like to share these 10 of my favourite restaurants with you. Just click the map to find out more…

My number one restaurant remains La Rotonde right behing the federal parliament and the Royal park, which calls itself “La plus parisienne des brasseries bruxelloises”…

Click the map for an interactive view…


Addicted to coffee

August 6, 2007


The above sticker says it all…

In these days of overheating and producing too much sweat in the final rush for my final project, I drink too much coffee. Maybe I should switch to beer or wine…?


Delhaize & Cie.

August 5, 2007

Delhaize & Cie

Yesterday, I promised you some pictures of the Delhaize Storehouse alongside the canal in Brussels. Well, today was a beautiful day for some pictures.

Delhaize & Cie.

Window transom by Arch. Paul Cauchie (anno. 1912)

Delhaize & Cie.

The Brussel’s association “PĂ©titions Patrimoine” organized a petition back in 2006 for the buildings to be preserved. As I told, the door and window transoms are decorated by Paul Cauchie, the well known Belgian art-nouveau architect and painter. The sgraffitis are nevertheless in a very bad shape, as is the building itself. But, some efforts were taken to try to preserve the building; nowdays it’s being inhabitated by a sort of caretaker.

According to Alain Boucher (PĂ©titions Patrimoine), the Delhaize buildings are property of a private project developer and they would be able to freely decide whether to keep or demolish the entire site.

As with the modernistic CitroĂ«n buildings, some 500m further down the same road, the Delhaize Warehouse is subject of a study which foresees the replacement of the buildings with high-rise mixed use buildings (see “New Brussels Tower”). In my opinion, the possible expansion of the north quarter alongside the canal that in fact has already begun with the approval of the building permit for the new open-air swimming pool and an agreement about the future of the industrial site Thurn & Taxis, is an irreversible process which involves too much money to guarantee the salvation of this valuable but visibly scarred site.

Here’s a link to the video clip (in Dutch/French) :