Delhaize & Cie.

August 5, 2007

Delhaize & Cie

Yesterday, I promised you some pictures of the Delhaize Storehouse alongside the canal in Brussels. Well, today was a beautiful day for some pictures.

Delhaize & Cie.

Window transom by Arch. Paul Cauchie (anno. 1912)

Delhaize & Cie.

The Brussel’s association “Pétitions Patrimoine” organized a petition back in 2006 for the buildings to be preserved. As I told, the door and window transoms are decorated by Paul Cauchie, the well known Belgian art-nouveau architect and painter. The sgraffitis are nevertheless in a very bad shape, as is the building itself. But, some efforts were taken to try to preserve the building; nowdays it’s being inhabitated by a sort of caretaker.

According to Alain Boucher (Pétitions Patrimoine), the Delhaize buildings are property of a private project developer and they would be able to freely decide whether to keep or demolish the entire site.

As with the modernistic Citroën buildings, some 500m further down the same road, the Delhaize Warehouse is subject of a study which foresees the replacement of the buildings with high-rise mixed use buildings (see “New Brussels Tower”). In my opinion, the possible expansion of the north quarter alongside the canal that in fact has already begun with the approval of the building permit for the new open-air swimming pool and an agreement about the future of the industrial site Thurn & Taxis, is an irreversible process which involves too much money to guarantee the salvation of this valuable but visibly scarred site.

Here’s a link to the video clip (in Dutch/French) :


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