My PersonalDNA

August 8, 2007

Following to the newest blog-craze, I took myself some 10 minutes to answer these annoying questions about myself and my behaviour. The result was one fine piece of barcode, very similar to the logo of the 2007 federal elections here in Belgium.

Nevertheless, I am said to be a “benevolent creator”. I can agree with that, but I had preferred a “creative benevolent”, though… Anyway, my studies in architecture perhaps shaped me into the person I am now, or maybe the shape that I was in, made me choose for architecture? I’m getting too filosophical, ain’t I? Maybe I should have been a “creative thinker”?

One thing is for sure : I cannot see any color of my preference in this DNA-stamp, and am not willing to buy any geek t-shirt as if…

Benevolent Creator

Right below yet another weird table: my glossary of traits. It says I’m quite confident and open, but hey, more masculine then feminine?? I also doubt about the authority. If I would have as less authority as mentioned, then I’ve chosen the wrong studies…

Anyway, you just got to know me a little better…

my glossary of traits


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