Oops and back..

April 1, 2008

Dear reader,

Whether you are a city guy, an archi girl, a design freak or just a random blogsweeper, I want to thank you for your belief in my short writings at this address.. Unfortunately I have neglected this spot for a while since I started my professional tasks in an architectural workshop here in Brussels. I’m working on different exciting projects in the domain of architecture and design, two things i’m fond of!

Since my job is a little sensitive on some parts of these domains, I won’t write explicitly about those specific projects, but I’m quite sure there are many other interesting things going on to share with you! I’m reading a lot, these last days, on the developement of Brussels as an internationally oriented city and I’m getting some thoughts on sharing some of these articles with you. You can smack your chops that’s gonna be interesting! Just give me some more time since all week long I’ll be celebrating my 1/4 century’s birthday!! Congrats to myself and see you @ Bulex this saturday 5 april!!

Also, since I take a train like every day of the week, I’m getting inspired by those neglected spaces in the middle of the city alongside undefined borders and hollow tunnels. That seems to be a starting point to show off some photographs on these architectually interesting non-spaces. I gathered some knowledge while writing my master thesis on “uncanny” architecture but was thinking of turning this information into practice. You’ll be finding this out pretty soon I hope!

Last but not least, I’m working on a newly designed blog that will be available soon on-line. Brace yourself!


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  1. Finally!

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