about me…

I was born on the first of April and still look forward to that day, year after year.. What bothers me is that people don’t cut jokes on a first if it’s your birthday! So I started playing tricks myself. That’s where things went wrong… 🙂

I never learned to choose in life, since the’re so many nice things to see and do. Nevertheless I tend to only pay attention to the finest and nicest things amongst them. I know, I shouldn’t mention, but I do love a nice Premier Cru or a fine piece of Charolais. But I’m also addicted to my bass – mostly since people say bass players are sexy – honestly because I like the sound and search for deep vibes everywhere! I enjoy photography, do love my girl and enjoy sipping champagne. Luckily for you readers, I really (really!) have difficulties choosing and also seriously like contemporary design and architecture. Since I love the place I live and recently achieved a master in architecture, I found a nice excuse to share some interesting content with you!

If you would like to see more on my architectural projects, I suggest you visit my on-line portfolio and personal website at http://www.iFrancis.be




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  1. gewoon om te zeggen dat uw blog echt goe is. keep it up 😉

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