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Flock 1.0: The social web browser

January 10, 2008

Flock (Media Streams)

After erasing my iBooks hard drive – which became quite overloaded since the last few projects – I was coping with the problem that Apple’s Safari 3 still being in the state of a public beta version, could not open every single webpage as most so called web designers still haven’t got rid of their blinkers yet.

Ebay is one of those websites on which logging on using the Safari web browser just wouldn’t work. Anyhow it’s really none of my business which platform people use to develop their website, it still seems quite disappointing for the world’s leading website in online auctions to have a website which cannot be accessed through the third largest web browser!

So I rushed myself to the Apple Downloads page and scrawled around for a nice alternative. I had used Camino before, which is a good and very fast browser for os-x but I somehow was attracted by a new browser named Flock.

People use the Web today in extremely different ways than they did a decade ago. However, web browsers – the application at the center of all that we do online – has not kept pace with these changes in online behavior. Flock, that calls itself the social web browser, was founded on the vision that the web browser can and should enable the richest user experience possible across information-gathering, sharing, communication, self-expression and interaction. Flock is built on Mozilla technology and has therefore the power to be some piece of reliable open-source software.

But why would anyone in the world start using a new and unknown web browser? Well, the funeral of Netscape earlier this month could be an argument to do so… But there’s a much smarter reason why. It has a powerful rss reader built-in which actually puts data from your favourite websites as well as your social networks right at the surface of your browsing interface.

Flock has some nifty side bars, top bars and tabs that flawlessly stream updates of your most precious entourage’s media, news and messages in networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Flickr. The RSS feeds pane may not be that advanced as it is in dedicated news readers, but the fact that it’s right there where you expect it, right at the moment when you’re expecting it, is just.. wel.. just nice!

Flock (Feeds)Flock (My World)

One can carry its del.ici.ous or ma.gnolia right into the browser interface without having to actually lose the time opening the website. Or you can directly preview Google Maps directions from your home to an address that figures on a website with one single mouse click.

Personally I got addicted to the People’s side bar which displays real time status updates and messages my contacts in Facebook wrote, or to the Media bar which streams the latest photographs of my favourite groups and contacts on Flickr, or which previews the media content of an open web page without actually having to browse trough it.

Flock may not be the best browser in the world, for those who are webwise socially engaged trough blogs and social networks, this is a decent and fun way to experience the web in 2.0 style!

Available for OS-X, Windows and Linux


Leopard Addiction

October 16, 2007

Mac OS-X Leopard

Today Apple announced the worldwide release date for their OS-X 10.5 to be on friday October 26th. For this special occasion they opened a pre-ordeing with in favour a free shipping.

For some time now I was wondering wheather to buy myself a copy of Apple’s new operating system Leopard or just wait until I can afford myself a new laptop beauty.

Almost a year after the candy that Apple presented us, most of the Mac users seem to be persuaded that this is the most revolutionary upgrade of their beloved system. The newly published list at listst no less than 316 new features. Especially the renewed desktop with the useful Stacks and the new Finder with Cover Flow and Quickview. I also look forward to the new Mail app and the extended iCal, both apps that I use frequently and of which the new features seem very appealing.

I just wanted to share this funny excerpt of the WWDC 07 Keynote with you. Enjoy 🙂


The iPhone in Brussels

October 13, 2007

iPhone in BrusselIt was rumored for a certain time in different Belgian newspapers, and here’s the proof; the iPhone is for sale in at least one Brussel’s phone shop. In a corner between tons of different phone models I found this bare beauty. Price to pay : 995 Euros!

Probably they solved a simple problem in arithmetic: A return ticket Brussels / New York City (405€), a hotel stay (100€) and a cosy restaurant dinner in Little Italy, say 95€. Next, a stop down the Apple Store’s glass cube on Fifth Avenue for a magic box of iPhone; 399$. The vendor would have some 100€ of pocket money paid by their boss. But it seems to me to be more likely that they shipped some pretty greyish specimen of the iPhone giving themselves some fine gratuity for this holiday season.I didn’t feel myself quite excited – actually this specimen was stored behind glass in a plain show-case. Crazy people that felt the urge to spend 1000€ buying themselves this pretty gadget; feel free to comment!

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You’ll be wanting one!

September 5, 2007

This is huge! I just wanted to let you know about the new iPods released in San Fransisco today. The Apple on-line stores got back up and running and here’s a first preview:

new iPod nano An all new iPod nano // Even though I really didn’t like the leaked previews of the new nano that appeared on-line during the last week, I kinda appreciate its sleek design. The aluminium case comes in five new colors and yes, it sports video! It makes me wonder wheter to buy a new one, because mine is already 2.5y old. Anyway, my shiny white 1st gen nano still matches my (even more) shining iBook. Hey, I’m becoming an “old skool” guy 😉

new iPod classic

A new iPod, from now on called iPod Classic // The new iPods seem thinner and yet much more performing, with an 80 or 160 GB hard disk under the hood, a very appealing aluminium case that matches the new iPod style, and a re-designed interface – yes: with cover flow! It only seems to me that the coverflow just isn’t that much user friendly with a click wheel – my opinion at distance.

A new iPod touch, actually a slim iPhone without the Phone (they could have called it just “i” though…) // Some thoughts: it looks quite expensive for an iPod with “only” 8/16 GB memory, but who am I to tell. It has a gorgeous 3.5″ touch screen and seem to have incorporated most of the functions of the iPhone; it has WiFi, Safari and YouTube on board. To me, this “phoneless” iPhone looks quite amazing, but it differs a lot from the other iPods in range. Didn’t they mean to create a “white” interface, somewhat in between the new Leopard and the new iPod interface? Anyhow, it’ll do fine according to me. Also, the WiFi-store and Starbucks cooperation will become huge – maybe we’ll be seeing a Starbucks opening here in Brussels city?!

new iPod line-up

If you’re Brussels based, check out the Apple Store this weekend at the 5th floor of the Galleria Inno (rue Neuve) – even though I hate the Media Markt outlet store, I should persuade myself to go and find out the atmosphere… – I’m quite sure that the new iPods will already be available over there!

Too much talk.. That’s about it for now. Just check out ! You’ll be wanting one too! 😉


Photo Drop

May 29, 2007

Dropping in action

Today I discovered a nice new dashboard widget: Photo Drop.

Need to resize, crop or pimp any type of image? Just drop it to the dashboard widget, resize it, crop it, add an effect if you want to and done! Easy and very time consuming for on-screen presentations, websites, etc… I used to resize 6MP photographs to a more acceptable screen-size using a self made Automator action, or even worse: using Adobe Photoshop. But with this great and nifty widget, it really takes me only 10 seconds. I was even able to drop an enormous 38MB pdf-file, but that took me over a minute though!