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Some toughts on a sweet 2008…

January 2, 2008

First and foremost I wish all of you a sweet 2008 with lots of love, luck and money!

2008 hopefully brings some positive stress and productive results for myself, but I also wish others some fine results, especially some politicians… I intend to write you some more frequent about architecture and design here in Brussels, and will soon start working on a decent website, too.

Some other wishes for this year are the addition of some new destinations to my humble travel list. I just got back from Paris, where I celebrated both the last and the first day of both years. Didn’t saw any fireworks, at least not at the Champs Elysées, but we did have a nice dinner in a trendy restaurant and lived the action together with 400.000 others at Europe’s most beautiful avenue…

Champs Elysees 31122007

New York and Montréal, CN are on my list, but I’d love to make some free time for a trip to the South as well. Suggestions for other destinations or nice places to see in both NYC and Montréal are welcome!

I have plenty of new stuff to post but haven’t got the time yet to write a story around all of these subjects. Design and architecture are omnipresent, but I have got some “lighter” content pending as well. Also, I know lots of you, just as myself, speak Dutch, but I’d prefer to continue my writing in English for various reasons.

It only remains for me to wish you once more a bright 2008!



New blog…

July 10, 2007

This will be my blog for the following months.

I used to create and edit my blog with Apple’s iWeb but it seemed too slow to update my blog on a regular basis. I experienced it as a very nice program to create custom websites even though some people said that it’s childish and not easily customizable.

It’s true, especially the widgets and scripts made it quite a mess. And the scripts – like the StarIt rating system – let me down, slowing down my blog enormously. Sorry for that! But I must say that iWeb still is a very powerful yet easy to use web-design program.

Before starting up and customizing my blog entirely myself, I will be using this mediocre WordPress standard lay-out, bringing you more of the same; articles and photos on my city – Brussels, on architecture, design and photography. I will try to focus myself some more on these four items, but when I find some interesting or just some fun stuff, I’ll post it anyway.

Also, I moved all previous messages to this new blog, so feel free to add comments as you wish!

Enjoy and feel at home!


Esmée Denters for Tennman Records

June 6, 2007

Read at :

Esmée Denters (18) to sign a contract as the first artist for Tennman Records. Justin Timberlake had set up this record label last week together with Interscope and is “thrilled to present its discoveries to the world”. Seems like the Dutch girl Esmée is Justin’s first discovery. At first sight, this “YouTubeGirl” is chosen for her cute look, but once the loading bar is completed and the video starts playing, it all becomes clear : she’s got a great voice! Besides, in the video Justin Timberlake plays the accompaniment of Esmée Denters.

To be continued…


“Doe iets voor de jeugd!”

May 30, 2007

“Wij zijn wie we zijn, we zien het soms niet zitten… maar wij willen eruit, we kunnen niet op alles vitten… dus fnuik geen jonge actie, die inslaat als attractie!”

Habbekrats-jongeren stuurden hun clipje op waarin ze rappend oproepen iets te doen voor de jeugd. Zij zien de samenleving alvast positief in: “Wilt ge dat het verandert, sla die handen in elkaar. Want hier in ons land, we maken het weer sociaal.”

Lees meer over habbekrats op hun website!