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Purist, Expert, Socialite…

October 21, 2007

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Yet another blog-quiz: the “What Kind Of Blogger Are You” questionary. Try it yourself and see what kind you are. Well, don’t mind the picture beside it, but I seem to be a “purist, expert, socialite blogger”. No comment for now 🙂


The photo mystery…

October 4, 2007

Wie woont er in het Justitiepaleis?

To my great surprise I found this photograph on the brunofm programme’s blog. The author did it’s very best to camouflage the origin of the picture; saturation and contrast were adjusted and the image’s frame nicely cropped. Especially look at the white stripes of cloud and the shades of pink and orange below the clouds, they really are the same, as is the perspective. Check out my original photograph, taken last month:

Reference (Justitiepaleis by fvdb)

Now, not that I care that much – I’m not a professional photographer – but a small mail or a notice I would have appreciated.

So, my question towards you, readers : Do you often take photo’s from the web, without realizing who made them? I think we all do… Other comments ( on this photograph ) are also welcome!