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Leopard Addiction

October 16, 2007

Mac OS-X Leopard

Today Apple announced the worldwide release date for their OS-X 10.5 to be on friday October 26th. For this special occasion they opened a pre-ordeing with in favour a free shipping.

For some time now I was wondering wheather to buy myself a copy of Apple’s new operating system Leopard or just wait until I can afford myself a new laptop beauty.

Almost a year after the candy that Apple presented us, most of the Mac users seem to be persuaded that this is the most revolutionary upgrade of their beloved system. The newly published list at listst no less than 316 new features. Especially the renewed desktop with the useful Stacks and the new Finder with Cover Flow and Quickview. I also look forward to the new Mail app and the extended iCal, both apps that I use frequently and of which the new features seem very appealing.

I just wanted to share this funny excerpt of the WWDC 07 Keynote with you. Enjoy ­čÖé


Photo Drop

May 29, 2007

Dropping in action

Today I discovered a nice new dashboard widget: Photo Drop.

Need to resize, crop or pimp any type of image? Just drop it to the dashboard widget, resize it, crop it, add an effect if you want to and done! Easy and very time consuming for on-screen presentations, websites, etc… I used to resize 6MP photographs to a more acceptable screen-size using a self made Automator action, or even worse: using Adobe Photoshop. But with this great and nifty widget, it really takes me only 10 seconds. I was even able to drop an enormous 38MB pdf-file, but that took me over a minute though!